REAL help

More than 15 million kids live in poverty in the U.S. and arrive to school without the supplies they need to learn. We want to alleviate some of the burden and help  children be successful in the classroom. ​Help us level the playing field as students return to school.  Delivering new school supplies can be the start of putting students on the right educational path.

REAL help is a philanthropic project of Keller Williams Concierge and its affiliated agents, in which 20% of concierge net income is reinvested back into the local community. We know that investing in our children creates a better future for the children themselves and for the community overall and this is why we join The Kids In Need Foundation by donating 20% of our net income back into local schools and children in need. Through our contribution and your help we provide more opportunity to disadvantaged children and help close educational and opportunity gaps. This makes our world a better place.

$25 = 1 backpack filled with 3 folders, 2 notebooks, a package of pencils, a package of markers, 2 glue sticks, a package of crayons, a pack of Post-its, a pair of scissors, a ruler, an eraser and pencil sharpener, and a pencil pouch to keep all of the supplies!

Thank you for the support!

The Kids In Need Foundation is a recognized 501(c)(3) charity founded in 1995. Contributions to Kids In Need are tax-deductible to the greatest extent allowed by law.


Keller Williams Concierge is an independently owned and operated for profit business, a social enterprise helping children in local communities coast to coast.

“I grew up in an impoverished neighborhood with no opportunity, about to fail school at 7th grade and be ejected from the education system to a No Future. My older brother found a boarding school accepting gifted kids through subsidies and grants and this is my story. In 2018 my businesses generated $73,300 in opportunity grants. My goal for 2019, through REAL help, is to double it.” Yaron Seidman

  • 2018 Awarded Grants $73,300 Year End
  • 2019 Awarded Grants $14,700 Ongoing

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School Supplies. Changing Lives.